This Is Why Doshas Are Important To The Human Body

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On the surface, the human body might seem very simple – there is a face, a torso, two legs and two hands. But the truth is that the human body is an extremely complex entity. Behind the scenes of the human body, there is so much that goes on and many a times, it is quite difficult for most of us to fathom what happens. While modern medicine can define most things that happen with the body, there are several aspects that find explanation only in Ayurveda.

The doshas are one such aspect – while there is no clear definition of the same in modern medicine, these are existent biological energies. The doshas are not only found in the human body, but also in the mind, and they also find an existence in elements of nature. Ayurveda has extensive explanation about all these doshas and maintaining a balance of the same in the human body is extremely important.

Vata: Deriving its existence from air, this is often described as the energy of movement. People who have a stronger vata dosha will be easily identified as being active, creative and ready to express themselves. An imbalance can be caused by something as simple not eating on time, or consuming too much alcohol. Even if you have tea or coffee without milk or not have a regular sleep routine, your vata balance could be destroyed.

Pitta: This is often described as the energy of metabolism as well as digestion in the human body and derives its existence from fire and water. The qualities of this dosha are normally oily, acidic, liquid and sharp. This dosha governs emotions such as joy, jealousy, will power and anger. If you eat food in anger, are undergoing excessive stress, are working too much or are constantly in a state of competition, your pitta could get imbalanced.

Kapha: Kapha derives its existence from water and earth and it is also the energy building factor of the body. Kapha works as a glue or a cement, which holds the entire body together. This is why the qualities often associated with kapha are cold, moist and sticky. Ancient scholars consider kapha as the element that balances emotions such as love, greed, attachment and forgiveness. Actions such as overeating, eating during mood swings could lead to an imbalance.

Similarly, not having physical activity or spending too much time indoors could also lead to an imbalance.
Based on these doshas, there are also three main doshic states. These include:

  • Balanced: This is a condition where all the three doshas are balanced and present in the exact proportions that they are meant to be in.
  • Decreased: When a particular dosha is lesser than what it should be
  • Increased: When a dosha is more than what it should be

Ayurveda is the one science, which can ensure that all the doshas are present in the right proportion, allowing you to lead a healthy and happy life.


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