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Although the world has made progress from the Stone Age all the way to the Modern Age, in many ways we have regressed from our roots and have been living increasingly at a much more superficial level. We are less conscious of our health and well-being, and constantly bombarded with noise & general overload, leading to stress, anxiety, and poor mental & physical health. Applying Ayurvedic principles into your life will calm your mind, soul, body, and even your spirit.

Following Ayurvedic Lifestyle, does not take more than a few hours to work into your hectic life. So Make your mind and take the initiative, because the principles of Ayurveda can make your life significantly more fulfilling and meaningful!

Lifestyle is basically, nothing else than the expressions that are represented in both work and leisure behaviour patterns and (on an individual basis) in activities. interests , opinions and allocation of income. In other words, we can say lifestyle is all about representing someones way of living, in order to reflect the things that a person or particular group of people usually wants to do.

While your constitution remains stable throughout your life, your current condition oscillates constantly, in response to shifting environments, events, times of day and changes in weather. It is helpful to develop a practice of noticing variations in our current state of balance from one day to the next, through the seasons and over the years. When we commit to observe ourselves in this way, we become more adept at recognizing and responding to the changing needs of our bodies and enjoy a quicker, easier return to balance.

Here we are explaining different type of lifestyles as per doshas.

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We at KNB Ayurveda believe in providing the Best Ayurveda solution to our clients. We aim at understanding our Client Objective in respect of Health Resource Management and provide them with RIGHT resource necessary to meet their core business goals. We are working on India Ayurveda Operations. We have worked for all major sectors across verticals. We offer best Treatment Solutions in the Right manner, at the right time and at the best costs. We aim at understanding our Client Objective in respect of Health Resource.

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